Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hey hey my peeps! This morning I want talk to you guys about something very near and dear to my heart today. That would be prayer. Prayer is one of the most important parts of our faith, it's how we communicate with God. Praying to God and talking to Him is the same thing as calling your mom or dad on the telephone when they are far away, or texting even texting them. Prayer is so important in our lives because that is one of the only ways to get in touch with God.
One thing I really enjoy about prayer is that I know God listens to me when I pray. When I talk to other people it doesn't always seem like they are listening, or I end up doing all the listening. It's not that way with God. He does all the listening while you can talk about everything and anything. God already knows everything about you, so He will understand you and what you are going through, He will never make fun of you or tell you to stop talking. That's not Him. Psalm 145:18 says quite simply, " The Lord is near to all them that call on Him, to all that call on Him in truth". Guys, God is always near with open ears to listen to you whine, cry, talk about our day, your joys, your concerns, and anything else you have to say. All you have to do is start praying. You don't have to think of it as praying. You can think of it as a conversation with God instead. All He wants is for you to talk to Him.