Wednesday, June 11, 2014

" Why do the good die young while the wicked live on and on?"

Hey peeps. So today things are going to be a bit more serious and deep, like Atlantic ocean deep. I must also warn you that at times on here I will get theological on you guys and this is one of those times. So I was reading Ecclesiastes and few weeks ago and one verse really caught my eye, Ecclesiastes 7:15, "I have seen everything in this meaningless life, including the death of good young people and the long life of wicked people".This caught my eye because in movies, books, and TV people are always asking, "Why do the good die young while the bad guys live long lives?". Here is where I'm going to get theological. See, God has a plan for each and every person. I  think that sometimes when a person dies young, it is because they completed what it was that God wanted them to do. The other part of this is that the young person may have a relationship with God, and He knows that child will go astray one day so God decides to have them go home to Him in heaven before the  person can go astray. He doesn't want sin to separate Him from His children forever, even after the person completes what God wanted them to. This may be why good people die young so often.
I'm definitely not saying that all good and Godly people die young. Many people of faith will live long lives, and they may because God knows they won't be taken over by sin and live of the world. He also has these people live long lives because God wants them to continue to testify to non-believers and to continue to bring people to Christ. These Christians who do live long lives, live long because God isn't done with them yet. They haven't completed the mission that God put them on earth to do. The good may also die young because what they did while they were alive may be an example to other people. This is what happened with Rachel Scott.
On the other side of this coin is why the bad and corrupt seem to live long lives. This may be because these people don't know Christ yet. Every new day that God gives these people is another second chance for these people to come to Christ and to start a relationship with God. I'm not saying all people who live long lives are evil, wicked, or corrupt. There are so many people who are older that are sweet and nice and caring people, but they may not know Christ of have a relationship with God yet. God wants to spend all of eternity with His children, that's why the bad and wicked seem to live long lives.